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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Okay, here's a three-fer for you, at least one of which should get your blood boiling:

1. Last spring, John McCain went to Iraq. As he should. He wanted Obama to go with, but Obama said he'd go later. That's fine. What's not fine is how the media is dealing with it. When McCain went, it was like a brief mention in the "what else is new" section of the news. Now that Obama is going, Brian Williams, Katie Couric, and Charles Gibson are ALL planning to go with him, as well as news reporters from the top newspapers and news magazines in the country. When is the mainstream media going to stop kissing his hoozit??

2. There are five Mexican nationals on Death Row in Texas right now. One of them is scheduled for execution on August 5 (my brother's birthday) for the rape and murder of two teenage girls during a gang initiation. Now the World Court has ordered the United States to stop the executions. Perhaps in response we should simply move up the execution date to, say, Friday?

3. Governor Rod Blagojevich (man that's hard to type) thinks perhaps the Illinois National Guard should be sent to Chicago to curtail their spiralling crime rate. I'm not sure, and maybe someone who knows could inform me, but wouldn't that be in violation of Posse Commitatus? I don't believe he has that kind of authority. He hasn't even discussed it with the mayor of Chicago. Dude is seriously overstepping here, I think.

Okay, that should keep your water-cooler tongues wagging for a little while. I'm gonna go read another book. I've finished two since school let out on Monday. This is fun!

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