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Sunday, July 20, 2008

After having an email conversation with TwoDogs, I realized I've never talked about how I got my nickname, Monkeedo.

My family is a blended family. My mom had five children by her first husband, and my dad was divorced with no kids. Actually, his wife had him convinced he couldn't have any. I thank God she was such a witch; it made him appreciate Mom that much more. Anyway, they were fairly certain there wouldn't be any more children when they married. Surprise!! Nine months, 3 hours and 36 minutes later, hello world!!

My sisters were thrilled to be getting a baby sister to take care of. Actually, when Dad called home to let them know I was here, they got into a fight over who was going to answer the phone. I can't remember who won, but I think one of them hit the other with the receiver. And phones were pretty darn heavy back then.

Well, times passes and I become a toddler. With two teenage sisters. Naturally, I wanted to go everywhere they went and do everything they did. Monkey see, monkey do. Get it? Of course you do.

So I became monkeydo. Later, after the Monkees became popular, I started spelling it monkeedo. I've always liked that name.

Some time, I'll tell you how my brother became Uncle Turkey.

Oh, I thought it was because you kinda smelled like Monkey Doo!!
Oh my dear Wolf, if that were true, what would that make you? Is Chele home yet?
Dang, those phones were pretty heavy.

I am guessing that Monkeedo is a cooler name that Uncle Turkey.
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