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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Just a couple of personal notes here:

I'm seriously thinking of changing majors. Accounting has always been something I thought I would enjoy, but lately it's just like trying to pull a car up a muddy hill with nothing but dental floss. Seriously. I'm dreading my next set of classes. I'm thinking of switching to something like History. I enjoy learning about historical stuff. Okay, family, any ideas? Advice?

Got an email from daughter today. She is thinking of having a ceremony with her current boyfriend in a couple of years called a handfasting. I looked it up and it's a pagan joining ceremony. It involves strands of string and binding their hands together. Ach! I just don't get it. It's meaningless. They're already playing house, why pretend... Prayers for guidance would be appreciated. I'm too old and tired to fight.

I've been taking the statins for my high cholesterol for about a week now. The only difference I can feel is a definite desire to eat more, especially when I first wake up. I open my eyes and my tummy is growling. That's not good. I need to lose about 60 pounds already. Keep the fingers crossed.

Well, we made it through the first half of the year. Six more months, and we can start all over again. Whoopee!!


I followed your linked name from WhiteCoatRants blog. Your message on the diet post struck a nerve with me. I also am one who can eat 1,000 calories and not lose weight!


Have your doctors *thoroughly* checked your thyroid function? By that I mean your TSH AND your Free T4 AND your Free T3. If your TSH is over 2.5 you might benefit from thyroid treatment.

I also struggled with cholesterol, blood pressure elevations, heart rhythm problems and much more. My TSH was "normal". My Free T4 was low normal, but my Free T3 (the ACTIVE hormone used by your cells) was below the normal range.

Like you I have an abysmal family history for cardiac problems, cholesterol, stroke etc. My risk factors are *healthy* with thyroid treatment.

I'm not a medical professional, just an oddball patient who doesn't fit the "mold" of standard medical practice and would be very sick or close to dead (or on dozens of medications) if I'd listened to the first docs I saw.

Don't mean to intrude, but thyroid treatment made a huge difference in my health and I always mention it when someone has issues similar to mine.

The American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists has even called for a narrowing of TSH ranges, and has much to say about cholesterol and thyroid connection:

Cholesterol and Thyroid.
TSH Guidlines.

Best to you.
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