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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I wouldn't work for this guy if my life depended on it:
Weyers, owner of a health care benefits administrator in Lansing, Mich., gave his 200 employees an ultimatum in 2004: Quit smoking in 15 months or lose your job. He refused to hire smokers. Ultimately, he extended his smoking ban to employees' spouses and monitored compliance through mandatory random blood testing.
Seriously, if the guy doesn't want to hire smokers, that's fine. It's his company. But to force their spouses to quit or they lose their job, that's too far. I used to smoke; had to quit in 1991 when I went on oxygen. Unlike many former smokers, however, I will not dictate to others as to whether they smoke or not. My husband still smokes; I will not tell him to quit. He's seven years older than I and can make up his own mind. He'll quit when he's good and ready. This tyrant needs to get a grip and quit trying to control other people's lives, unless he wants to start his own country. Smoking is not illegal, and he has no right to make these demands.

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