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Friday, June 20, 2008

Here's a little bizarre news to lighten your day/weekend:

A woman in North Carolina had twins this week, and the smallest one weighed almost eleven pounds! Bet she's glad they weren't natural births. I know I would be. Both my kids added together didn't add up to one of hers. The kids will probably carry her home from the hospital.

A gas station in Ohio accidentally updated their highway billboard to show they were selling gas for $9.09 a gallon. I doubt they got many customers.

There are a couple of cops in Lakeville, Minnesota who really should be glad they don't work in Texas. They went into a man's home at 3 in the morning, where his children were having a sleepover, and woke the man up to tell him he left his front door unlocked. He's lucky the guy didn't shoot them. But then, it is Minnesota.

They have put up a monument to enemas in a city in Russia. It is an 800 pound bronze syringe bulb. Frankly, I think they should make a duplicate and put it smack dab in the middle of Congress. That's where it's needed most.

Thus ends our search for the bizarre today.

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