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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Do you like to travel? Does your doggie like to go along? Why should you have the nice luggage, while Phideaux has to settle for a plastic bag or cardboard box for his unmentionables? Well, now Phideaux gets his own luggage, and it's pretty swanky!
This luxurious collection contains a water bowl, a pet passport holder, a chew toy and your choice of either a bone or fish plush cushion. All of which are encased in a heavily padded handmade Napa leather trunk, (that doubles as a luxe dog bed) complete with collar and leash holders and a storage area to keep your k9's outfits neat and organized!
Personally, I wouldn't pay 2,000 dollars for a doggie suitcase, but then again when I travel everything I need fits in a backpack.

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