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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Well, American Idol was interesting last night, wasn't it? I love, love, love Neil Diamond songs, and was surprised at some of the choices that were made. Baby Archuleta singing "America"? Sorry, that needed a much stronger voice, it's not a pop tune. Nobody sang "Brother Love" or "You Don't Bring Me Flowers"? I thought those were a shoe-in for selection. Anyway, the Cookster did another great job this week, Jason and Brooke were as thrilling as wallpaper paste, Syesha and Archie did all right. Seriously, both of Jason's songs sounded the same, and Brooke made I'm a Believer so dull you'd think she was an atheist. My choice to go home this week: Brooke. I'm tired of her.

I thought I'd throw this out here while I'm on the subject of American Idol: Back when there were 20 contestants, I made a list of them and where I thought they would finish. Here are the top 12 as chosen way back then:
1 David Cook
2 David Archuleta
3 David Hernandez 12th
4 Brooke White
5 Carly Smithson 6th
6 Jason Castro
7 Syesha Mercado
8 Kristy Lee Cook 7th
9 Michael Johns 8th
10 Amanda Overmyer 11th
11 Chikezie 10th
12 Ramiele Malubay 9th
Naturally, the second number is where they really finished. I'm pretty pleased I had them all in there, even though they aren't in the right order. I do think I've got the top two right, though. We'll see.

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