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Sunday, April 27, 2008

My visit with the radiologist was fairly uneventful, with one exception. The very kind radiologist looked just like Zack Braff from "Scrubs". Really. Wore his hair the same way, too.

I do have a rant, though. I live in a rural area. This internist, who just happened to be the only one in the region taking new Medicare/Medicaid patients, has scheduled me for not only the ultrasound on my liver, but also a mammogram and a bone density study. Normally I wouldn't have a problem with that, since I know they need to be done periodically. But if he thinks I'm going to drive into town (one plus hours each way) to three different buildings to have tests done that could all be done in one radiology department, he's nuts. I'm going to call my PCP on Monday and have her schedule the mammogram and bone density study in the nearer town (half hour each way), and just have them send the results to the internist. It's no wonder medicine costs so stinking much when you live in a rural setting.

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