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Thursday, April 24, 2008

I've gotta tell ya, I'm floored. I was lucky enough to watch American Idol last night (Mugley hates musicals, but he wanted to watch his Planet of the Apes movies, so we compromised), and I was pleasantly surprised. I thought it was going to be a laugh-fest, but it wasn't. There were some ugly moments though.

Jason Castro did not do a very good job on "Memory" from Cats, singing it as a young man instead of an old, near-death diva cat. Brooke White had to start over again for the second time this year, which is not endearing to me. And David Archuleta sang a song totally wrong for him. I was afraid, when I heard the theme was music from Andrew Lloyd Webber, that someone would attempt a song from Phantom of the Opera, my all-time favorite musical. I was right. Archie sang "Think of Me", a song meant for a full-voiced woman. I really feel for this kid. He's a good singer, but he keeps picking the wrong music.

There were some good performances, though. Syesha surprised me with her performance. I didn't know she had the spunk. Carly did a good job on the title song from Jesus Christ, Superstar, a play I never appreciated. (She should not, however, have pulled out that lame t-shirt after per performance. That didn't help her at all). The highlight of the night was, again, David Cook. When I heard he was going to sing "Music of the Night", a beautiful song, I thought to myself, how is he gonna pull this off? Wow! I cried, people. It wasn't as good as Michael Crawford, but few are. He was amazing.

RESULTS: Come on! You sent Carly home? That should have happened weeks ago. This week should have been either Jason or Brooke. Somebody wasn't listening last night. They just voted at nine o'clock without watching the show, except for the last few minutes to get the phone numbers. I won't miss her, but, Come On!!

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