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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I'm gonna make these posts short, cause I'm still getting well. I just didn't want to leave you guys hanging any longer.

But first, I'm gonna get something off my mind. I'm really getting cheesed about this Mel Gibson crap. C'mon, people. This is such a petty story that's getting blown all out of proportion. Now ABC has dropped the miniseries about the Holocaust that he was developing with them. They claim it was because they hadn't received the script. I call BS on that. It was strictly due to the arrest.

First off, we don't know what happened. Not really. We do know he was drunk as a skunk and said some very stupid things. We don't know why or what prompted him to do that. He has apologized, and begun treatment for his alcoholism. But apparently that's not good enough.

I actually heard someone say on the radio that since he was drunk he was probably saying what he really meant. Really? If that's the case, there's a lot of men who've been drunk and said some really stupid things that they should have to own up to. If drunks are so freakin' reliable, why are they such bad witnesses at trials?

As I said, he has apologized. Repeatedly. But he's still getting slammed. This story was actually the lead story on several network news programs, even though Fidel Castro had loosened his grip on Cuba, if only temporarily. There's a war going on in several nations at this moment in time. But Mel's drunken statements were more important. Give me a break!

Let's let it go, people. It's over. Let it die as it should have. You're not raggin' on that guy in Seattle who actually shot six Jewish women, killing some of them. But if he's said something nasty to them, it would have incurred your wrath??

Don't even think I'm anti-Semitic. I'm not. I'm very Pro-Israel. But right now, these tirades again Gibson are hurting the cause more than helping. You're over-reacting. Just let it go.

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