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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I only wish this had been me:
Electrician Michael Hoskins is not averse to browsing when he drops off trash at the Route 41 dump bin, and a recent visit rewarded his curiosity. Hoskins said he discovered a 188-year-old King James Bible. Now he's fending off offers approaching $1,000 for the find.
Mr. Hoskins, don't sell the Bible. In my opinion, that would just be wrong. You're not supposed to make a profit from something like that. It belongs in a museum. There's a lovely Bible Museum in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. I'm sure they'd love to add it to their collection. However, you should have taken the rest of the books as well:
His discovery early in July was found amid boxes of literary works on the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. He returned the next day to retrieve them.

"All of the books were gone, and the containers had already been sent to the landfill. So that's where the Bible would have ended up had it not been saved," Hoskins said.
Truly sad that those books are lost forever.

That story has me thinking. I have a KJV Bible printed in 1821 and put out by the Bristol Seamens Society
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