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Friday, August 18, 2006

Hi, gang. I'm taking a few days off in honor of my "golden" birthday (see previous post), so I'm counting on you all to come back on Monday to see if I survived. I'm actually not doing anything special, it's too blasted hot to go out. I'm planning on working on my family genealogy this weekend. So while I'm gone, check out the ads on the sidebar and visit the great folks on the blogroll. If I can do it, so can you. Besides, every time you click on the ads, that's a penny or two for me. I've almost got enough for a cupcake now.

To help you pass the time while I'm gone, here are a few stories to keep you going:

A study by the Pew Hispanic Center claims that the influx of immigrants doesn't hurt the U.S. job market. Click here.

A woman is suing 20th Century Fox for royalties from the 1960's TV series Batman. Click here.

A woman is suing JC Penney after she lost a fight with a mannequin. Click here.

Finally, a man was trapped for hours in a waist deep vat of chocolate, and didn't enjoy it. Go figure. Click here.

See ya Monday.

Heck ,gal the first fifty is easy .Its the next fifty that is tricky. This from someone who is nearly 20 years down that road.
I'll let my older sister know, toom. She'll hit the big 6-0 this year.
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