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Thursday, July 13, 2006

I haven't dropped off the planet or anything, guys. I've had a very eventful few days and I'm exhausted.

I drove to Kansas City Saturday then back home Sunday afternoon. For me that's a 3 hour drive, and I can't take my pain pills if I'm driving, so I was pretty miserable by the time I got home. Add to that the fact that since Friday I'd had only about 5 hours of sleep. Sunday night I couldn't sleep, either. Then Monday I spent two amusing hours (hah!) talking to CenturyTel because they sent me a $1,000 phone bill. Yeah, that's right. It's not a misprint. I'd signed up for one of their special packages...a guaranteed flat rate each month for all long distance, any time any where. They neglected to tell me that this did not include data transmission calls. Since I have to call long distance to access my internet provider.. well, you see the dilemma. Then, at the end of that call, they told me I had a block on my long distance service. They transferred me to billing, where I was told there was NO block on my phone. Okay, fine. Monday night Sir Mugley tried to go online, and found out there was a block on the phone. ACK!! Too angry to sleep Monday night.

I called again Tuesday, and after another extensive discussion, the block was removed. I was so tired by Tuesday night, I went to bed at 9:00 pm. I slept until about 1:00 am, when it started pouring rain. Our roof leaks so we had to put down a bunch of containers to catch the water. I had just gotten back into bed and settled into my pillow, when one of the tiles over my bed slipped out of place, and about a half gallon of water poured down on my head. WOW!!

Sir Mugley thought I'd lost my mind, because I just started laughing like mad. But think about it. If I'd seen that happen in a movie, that's exactly how I'd react. So why not in real life? Besides, if I hadn't laughed I probably would have started crying.

So this is it for tonight. I did manage to sleep for a couple of hours, and now I'm gonna try for more. It's not raining, so I don't expect I'll have another shower. I'm just glad I don't have to sleep in the recliner again.

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