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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

We have an interesting race heating up here in Missouri for U.S. Senator. Incumbent Jim Talent (R) is being challenged by State Auditor Claire McCaskill (D), who lost to Matt Blunt in the gubernatorial race in 2004. The local news ran a story on where these two candidates stood on the war in Iraq.

Talent: Voted in favor of our going into Iraq. Sen. Talent stands behind that vote. He feels removing Saddam from office was the right thing to do, and worth the price we've had to pay. He feels we should withdraw from Iraq when the Iraqi people can defend themselves.

McCaskill: Feels that we're not any safer now than we were before the war began. She stated she would not have voted to go to war, but she won't criticize those who did. She felt they did the best they could do with the information they had to work with. She does not feel withdrawal should be immediate, but is hopeful that we can start bringing the troops home by election day.
I hope this information will be of use to all of you who will be voting in Missouri. I've tried to be non-partisan in this entry. If I hear any more than will be of service, I'll let you know.

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