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Thursday, March 02, 2006

I've mentioned a couple of times the little feud between Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler's Emperor Misha, and talk show person Debbie Schlussel. She made the statement that "Denmark is getting what they deserve", enraging our dear Misha, who is a Dane, and whose mother still lives there. He responded in typical Misha fashion, which upset her, and she demanded an apology, which he proffered, and she rejected, and on and on. Then she turned her venom to John and Beth Donovan, who merely pointed out to her that provoking Misha was not the way to resolve their differences. She even went so far as to slander Jay at Stop the ACLU, just because he linked to the dispute. He hadn't even taken sides.

Well, all this intrigued me, so I went to her website, to which I will not link, and read a story about a supposed FBI investigation in the 1980's of gas stations across the Midwest, which were overcharging customers and sending the overages to terror groups. I thought that was interesting, so I followed her link to read more. The link to a previous story said nothing about an FBI investigation, so I sent her an e-mail, asking where I could find more information. I got a hateful response from her, in which she said Beth put me up to contacting her and that if I would read it again, I'd see I was wrong. Not one to jump to conclusions, I read it again. I wasn't wrong.

So I contacted another blogger, who works with law enforcement nationwide, at all levels, who lives in Washington. I knew if there was more information out there, she'd know where I could find it, as she works closely with the FBI, among other agencies. She didn't know anything about it. She did say if she heard anything she'd let me know.

So it appears at this time that Mizzzz Schlussel didn't have facts to back up her statement. I forwarded what I'd learned to Beth to do with as she wishes. I do know she's going to forward the information to Misha, as well as sharing it with her husband. I'm sure they can do more with it than I could.

At this point, I don't plan to do anything more about Debbie Dimwit. If you think I should do or say more, let me know. I'm always willing to listen to another point of view.

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