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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I've had people ask me what I'd do if I won the Powerball jackpot. Well, naturally I'd give a lot of it to charities that I felt were worthy (don't laugh, I'm serious. I don't need millions of dollars to live on). But I would indulge in a few luxuries. I'd have the house I always wanted, of course. But then I think I could easily go for something like this. Ah, how sweet it is! Of course, I'd have to hide the keys or Sir Mugley would never be home. I know how he'd drive it, too. When he was in the Air Force, stationed at Offutt AFB in Omaha, he had a Chevy Nova with a specially reinforced undercarriage. On more than one occasion, he made the Omaha to Lincoln round-trip in less than an hour. He also was clocked by the Highway Patrol going about 147 mph. Of course, he was a lot younger then. But if he were to get behind the wheel of something like that Camaro, I've got a feeling it would all come back to him. And we wouldn't be able to afford those insurance rates!

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