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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I thought I'd try something different tonight; I decided to critique American Idol. I found out I'm a bit pickier than Simon Cowell! Here goes:

Mandisa - sang "I Don't Hurt Any More". That was very nice! She dressed the part, and her voice really sold the song.

Bucky - sang "Oh, Boy". Sorry, Bucky. His tempo kept falling flat, which really made the performance lame. No, no, no. And fix your hair!

Paris - sang "Fever". Are you kidding me?? Not even close. She's just too young for such a mature song, and she kept singing natural notes when she was supposed to be in a minor kind of mood. Not nearly sexy enough for that song.

Chris - "I Walk The Line". The first thing I thought when they announced this song was that Bucky should have sung this song. But no! This was wonderful. Great job!

Katherine - "Come Rain Or Come Shine". Puh-leeze! I can sing better than this, and I have no lung power. And I hate that dress! Could she shake her boobs any more often?

Taylor - sang "Not Fade Away". I love Taylor! I love his dorky dance steps, and he always picks great songs for him. I think he did a good job tonight.

Lisa - sang "Why Do Fools Fall In Love?". She had a lot of tempo troubles off and on. She's done better in the past. All in all, not a great job. And the ending of the song was awful.

Kevin - "When I Fall In Love". I personally thought Chicken Little would sing something like "Rockin' Robin". Just kidding. I'm shocked, though. I liked this song. Of course, it sounds even better when you don't look at how young he is. But you gotta admit, his hair looked much better poofed up like that instead of plastered to his head.

Elliott - "Teach Me Tonight". Awful. He rushed it. Manilow tried to tell him to start slow and build to the finish, but he just started rutting through it. He should have treated it like making love... but perhaps, he did. Bad job, Elliott.

Kellie - "Walkin' After Midnight". Not great. She had pitch problems off and on, and she kept trying to vamp it. That song is meant to be sung sadly, not while flirting with Simon. Bad job in my opinion.

Ace - sang "In The Still Of The Night". Kind of boring, but not bad. Of course, Paula probably needed to change her clothes after that one, since it seemed to be directed at her. He tried, but he doesn't smolder like Constantine did. It was okay, though.

And that's it. By my count, that's six bad performances and five good ones. I think either Bucky or Elliott will be sent home tomorrow. Feel free to express your opinions. I don't know if I'll do this again next week, so let me know if you think I should.

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