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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Here we are again. The storms are all over now and the clean-up has begun. The National Weather Service estimated around 110 tornadoes on Sunday. More than 120 homes in Nixa, Missouri (just south of Springfield) were destroyed. The town of Carson's Corner, Missouri was completely destroyed. An RV Park near Eldorado Springs, Missouri was hit and several RV's were destroyed, including one belonging to a man who had just moved there the day before. A horse farm outside of Pierce City, which had been hit in May of 2003, was hit again. Many horses were killed, and the stable was once again destroyed. The University of Kansas cancelled classes today, as 60% of the buildings on campus were damaged in some way. There are numerous survival stories on the news here and elsewhere in the state. Here is the Kansas City coverage, and here is the Springfield coverage.

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