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Monday, February 06, 2006

Okay, here's my Super Bowl post. Congratulations to the Pittsburgh Steelers in their well-earned win over Seattle. However, I do have a problem. The officiating definitely seemed one-sided. I don't think Pittsburgh got a single penalty, did they? Other than that, it was a great game.

John Madden talks too much. I get so tired of hearing his voice. I don't know how his wife takes it.

Hines Ward selected MVP? I don't get it. It should have gone to Randle El, or Bettis. Roethlisberger is another good candidate. He scored a touchdown, too.

Great players on Seattle's side include Hasselbeck, Alexander and Grant Wistrom. I have to include him; he's a local boy.

Seattle made some really rookie mistakes, especially at the end of the half and the end of the game. Really poor time management, in my opinion.

Now for the half time show. I thought it was very good. Even with the two miniscule edits to the lyrics. On a side note, I wish I had Mick Jagger's energy.

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