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Monday, February 06, 2006

Did anyone watch Gray's Anatomy after the Super Bowl? I don't normally watch it, but thought the preview sounded intriguing. It was pretty good, although I'm steamed it is a two-parter. They should have warned people.

Anyway, the surgeons are agog because a guy comes in with unexploded ordnance in his chest. A homemade bazooka shell, I think. That reminded me of a story Sir Mugley, my other half, told me. When he was in the Air Force, they got in a patient who had a similar problem. Only in his case, it was an unexploded rifle grenade, which had entered his abdominal cavity near his right hip and traveled upward, lodging in the fat layer near the top of his large intestine. They had a booger of a time getting that out. Of course, they evacuated the area before they ever started. I was amazed the guy made it to Omaha from overseas. But to make a long story short, he was saved and everybody lived long enough to get out of the Air Force. Happy Ending!

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