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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Last night, I let myself get sucked in to the Harry Potter nonsense. I don't know why. My daughter is a Harry Potter freak. Friday was her birthday, and she wanted to get the new book for her birthday. No problem. She wanted to get it at midnight when it went on sale. Big Problem. They have four children. So she asked me to babysit, and I told her she was crazy. So she asked her mother-in-law to babysit, and she said, "Sure, but it will cost you $20.00". So she cried and begged and pleaded, and her husband asked me again. I couldn't say no to him. I rarely asks me for anything. But they had to pick me up and bring me home, cause with these cataracts I can't drive at night. I shouldn't drive in daylight, but I do. So I was out half the night, but it was okay. The kids were asleep most of the time, and I got a six-pack of bottled root beer and the latest Star Trek book for Sir Mugley. What the heck, I was gonna be up anyway. Sometimes I'm too soft-hearted.

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