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Friday, July 22, 2005

Is everybody enjoying this weather? Me, neither. I'm in hibernation and I'm miserable. Our air conditioner, which is at least 12 years old, is on its last legs, and is barely keeping the bedroom cool. We leave only to let the dogs in and out, or to use the facilities, or grab some food. It's amazing how boring a bedroom can get. You wouldn't think so, would you? Anyway, it's just the four of us, at least until Monday. Right now it's after midnight, and the temp is 82, humidity 57%, and heat index 84 degrees. It's not supposed to get much cooler tonight, then they're expecting the temp the next couple of days to breach 100. I hope our a/c holds out. I can't afford to replace it right now. On top of all that, between our son moving back to the state and the nasty weather, I completely forgot I was supposed to have eye surgery tomorrow. Now I have to postpone it. I was so looking forward to reading books again.

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