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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

If you know a person with Parkinson's Disease who may be taking Mirapex, you might want to watch your wallet. They have determined that some people who take this drug have developed a compulsive gambling problem. As soon as the dosage was lowered or stopped, the gambling desire went away. Freaky, right? Some people are suing the drug company, of course. It seems to be easily fixed. The doctor just puts the patient on a lower dosage or changes to a different drug. But some people aren't reporting it because it's too embarrassing. Frankly, I'd rather be embarrassed than broke.

There is a resounding desire for meaningful free roll tournaments in which online gambling players at all levels have the opportunity to compete in tournament play when the prize money is huge... but the buy-in is somewhat prohibitive for most.
Hi, appreciated your mentioning Parkinsons Symptom . I'm actually searching like crazy for information about Parkinsons Symptom. My aunt had it and I understand there is a genetic connection. Very scary, but hoping for the best .
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