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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Have you ever had someone tell you a story, and they're really being serious about it, but it's all you can do not to laugh? I had that happen this evening. My daughter-in-law, She-Wolf, called. She told me what happened when she took my son to the bus station. After she dropped him off, she was driving back home, with the three boys in the back seat. Naturally she was crying quite hard (they've only been married 7 years). The boys were also crying for their dad. Anyway, with all the crying, she inadvertently ran a red light. In front of the police station. In front of a policeman. As soon as she got through the intersection, she pulled over, knowing what was coming. That poor officer! He walked up to the car, she's crying like she's been beat, the boys are in the back, crying, "Our daddy just left us!". What could he do? He apologized to her, told her to go straight home and be careful. Would you have given her a ticket?

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