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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Wow, what a weekend. My new doctor decided to try me on a nebulizer treatment instead of the inhalers I've been using. Unfortunately I had a bad reaction to the choice of medicine used in said nebulizer. I had serious tremors for three days. My muscles were so sore I could hardly move. It was as if I had been exercising for two days. Needless to say, they are changing medications. In the meantime, I'm almost caught up on my rest. When your muscles run a marathon without you, it's kind of exhausting. So today, I'm almost back to normal, and I hear that pathetic jury decision. Have they ever convicted a celebrity in California? Then tonight we had serious thunderstorms move through the area. Our roof started leaking over the couch and over my bed. What are the odds? And Monday was my little Delia's ninth birthday, and I couldn't wish her a Happy Birthday because she's at her other grandmother's house. I'll talk to her tomorrow. I'll talk to you all tomorrow as well.

If it is leaking over your bed, I shudder to think what is doing to the upstairs. I will find a way to check it out when I get there.
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