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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Two guys driving in Victoria had a freak accident involving, of all things, a wombat.
Victorian Police are describing a freakish accident in far-east Gippsland this morning as something out of a Hollywood movie.

Two workmen were driving their twin-cab utility to the Mallacoota Airport when the car hit a wombat crossing the road.

Senior Constable Mark Tregellas says the car then crashed through a guard rail and became airborne off the side of the bridge. "And landed on a tree that was about 20 feet above the creek across from the bridge," he said.

"They teetered there and basically fell off the tree into the creek. The car was completely totalled and surprisingly both men on board were without injuries whatsoever."
I am so glad nobody was injured. I'd hate to be laughing at someone if they were in pain or something.

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