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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Here's a strange story for you tonight. Since you have to jump through hoops to read it, I'll just post the pertinent passages for you.
RUSSIAVILLE, Ind. - When Bonnie Flynn feels like horsing around, she just loads Vinnie into her Dodge Neon. Vinnie is her miniature horse.

She says the little horse fits just fine in the front seat of her little car. Flynn is the founder of a horseback riding program for people with disabilities in Indiana called EquiVenture.

She often takes Vinnie to schools in the area. She says he's small and gentle and kids get a kick of the little guy. But Flynn says it seemed silly to hook up a big horse trailer to transport Vinnie, so she taught him how to ride in the front seat.
I thought you'd like that.

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