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Thursday, April 28, 2005

When we lived in Kansas City, they built a "gated community" in Lee's Summit. I said at the time (around 25 years ago) that if I were paying more than $150,000 for a home, nobody would be telling me what color to paint it, what kind of fence I could have, etc. But it looks like those people were pikers compared to the Homeowner's Associations of today. Nowadays they can sell your house out from under you if you don't pay their "fees". That's what happened to Pamela Bernhardt. After more than $48,000 in renovations, she had planned to sell her $250,000 home. But when she went to check on the work she found her home had been sold because she hadn't paid $420.00 in "assessment fees." Totally outrageous in my book.

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