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Sunday, April 03, 2005

This is just too much. A cat in North Carolina has been fitted with a prosthetic paw. Come on! There are a gazillion cats in this ocuntry. Many of these cats have been declawed. Surely a cat can maneuver on three paws. Dogs can do it; are they saying cats are not as able to adapt as dogs? Seriously, how much does surgery like this cost? The article skips over that little detail. I'd be willing to bet that money could have been put to better use. I'm sure this little rant will upset cat people; I don't care. I hate to see money wasted on something like this. The cat was born without the foot, it had already learned to get around without it. This type of surgery isn't even routinely done on humans; only 70 to date. I'll wager good money the cat doesn't appreciate it, either. The little bugger will still turn up his nose at his owners. I used to be a cat person, I really did. But this just crosses the line. Just as plastic surgery on pets crosses the line. I'm done now. Thanks.

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