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Thursday, April 21, 2005

A man named Michael Smith of Kansas City has become a hero to thousands of veterans across this country. Mr. Smith stood in a book-signing line for ninety minutes, just so he'd have the opportunity to spit tobacco juice into Jane Fonda's face. He was arrested, of course, but she declined to press charges. After all, that would hurt her book sales, wouldn't it? She did apologize for that picture taken on the North Vietnamese tank, you know. Although, she never did apologize for her actions during the Vietnam War. I believe in my heart that the only reason she apologized for the picture was to help sell her book. She admits she made mistakes (hah! The understatement of the year) but she never says she's sorry to the many P.O.W.'s who suffered because of her and others like her. Mr. Smith should get a medal.

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