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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Howdy. Well, American Idol didn't disappoint tonight. I knew the bottom three, and after the way Anwar sang last night, I knew Scott would be safe for another week. It's all falling into place as I imagined. The final three will be Carrie, Constantine, and Vonzell. After that, I'm not sure. I'm rooting for Constantine, not just because he reminds me of my youth, but because this is the fourth season, and we've seen a white girl, a black guy and a black girl. No white guy has won it yet. We've gotta keep it balanced, don't we? Plus, Bo Bice shouldn't even be in this competition, considering he has extensive professional experience:
Bo Bice started out with a rock band called "Purge", then moved on to "Blue Suede Nickel", and then to "Sugar Money". Three songs are available online from Bo Bice's bands. "My Blessed Blues", "Someday", and "My Wish" can be downloaded at Garageband.com.

The American Idol bio for Bo Bice also notes that Bo "has opened for Blackfoot and Warrant, and has performed live and recorded with Jonny Neal of the Allman Brothers."
With that kind of experience, he should be out on the road already, giving amateurs a chance to win this competition.

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