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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Bamse was a Norwegian St. Bernard who was a bona fide war hero.
Bamse, which means teddy bear, sailed to Britain on the Royal Norwegian Navy (KNM) minesweeper Thorodd in 1940, part of the flotilla that carried King Haakon VII into safety, newspaper The Scotsman reports.

The dog became a favorite with locals as well as Norwegian troops fighting to liberate Norway from abroad. The mascot of the Royal Norwegian Navy, Bamse regularly sailed at the front gun tower of the ship when the Thorodd went into battle, and only left his post when fighting ended, The Scotsman reported.

Norway's Defense web site Forsvarsnett writes that the loyal marine hound rounded up his human shipmates when local bars closed and made sure they made it back to their vessel.

Bamse reputedly knew every pub in town and had his own bus card hanging around his neck on a chain. The St. Bernard soon became so well known in Montrose that bus drivers would just pick him up if they passed him on the road.

The beloved dog had his own helmet made for him to protect him during his battle watch and according to legend, the entire crew of the Thorodd jumped overboard to save Bamse when he once fell into the water.
The Scottish city of Montrose is erecting a life-size bronze statue of Bamse in honor of his service during World War II. That is so cool.

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