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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Well, gang, I took the plunge today. I've filed for the April elections as a candidate for our county Emergency Services Board. Yep, I'll be helping run our brand-new 911 system. Now we'll wait and see if I can get elected. I've been wanting to get involved in something, but trying to go back to work was pretty much out of the question. I'm too much at the mercy of the weather health-wise. If it weren't for that, I would have applied for a job as a dispatcher. But on the board, I wouldn't have to go to work every day, but still I would be getting involved in helping others. With my experience as a dispatcher for a burglar alarm company, and my years working at the Veterans Administration hospital in Kansas City, I think I can fumble my way through. I didn't even think to ask if it pays anything. It doesn't really matter. The cost of living is really pretty cheap around here. Anyhoo, wish me luck on this election. Maybe I'll work my way up to County Commission (no way in this world).

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