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Thursday, January 20, 2005

This story is wrong on so many levels. A man in Montreal is claiming that his marriage to a 10 year old girl is legal under Canadian law.
The man, who is now 52, said outside court that current laws make it possible to marry anyone - "even a baby" - because there is no minimum age. However, he also said "federal common law" puts the minimum age at seven years old.

He has acknowledged that Quebec law set the marriage age at 16 in 2001 but maintains the amendment doesn't apply to him because he had already wed the girl.
They have been married for five years already. But what about her parents, you ask? Why haven't they protected this child?
The man said he had the consent of the girl's mother, who is a single parent. He didn't know the whereabouts of her father at the time and still doesn't.
Okay, so Mom should be facing charges as well, right? Well, it gets even more disgusting from here.
The man said he wants the case sorted out so he can also get on with his plans to minister to married couples.

"I need my wife at my side to do such a ministry," he said.
Eeeewwww!! I'm going to go wash my mind out now.

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