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Saturday, January 15, 2005

That's all for tonight folks. I'm done early for a change, and I'm going to take something for a headache I've had ever since I went to the store today. Being the 15th, I took my trusty "food stamp" card to restock the larder for the month. But I went to a different store than usual, because they were having a sale. Yes, I did get some bargains, but the service in the store more than made up for the benefits I gained. You have a full-size store, the only one in town, and there were two people working. They were moderately busy, so naturally one of the two decided to take a break. This left the other one, who moved at a speed that would make a glacier resemble Speedy Gonzales. I kid you not. I waited in line for nearly a half hour. Then, I had to load the food into the cart, along with my oxygen tank, haul it out to the car, load it in the car, and take their stupid cart back. I'm going back to my old store. I pay a little more, but they do all the work for me. It's worth it to cough up an extra buck or two. Goodnight.

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