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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

I can’t begin to tell you how truly angry I was that “The Passion Of The Christ” was
not nominated for any of the big Oscars this morning. The thing about the Academy Awards is this: most of the movies that are nominated every year haven’t even played in this part of the country yet. They always nominate movies that came out right at the end of the year. But really, to pass up “Passion” for those other movies was asinine. When was they last time you
heard of a movie that grossed more than 600 million dollars in less than a year? What’s that you say? Never? It’s a travesty of justice. But then, the movie was about a travesty. Giving it nominations for little stuff like makeup, and the movie score, (which was beautiful by the way) was nice, but wholly insufficient. The people in charge of the nominations should be ashamed of themselves.

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