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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Here is another example of why the mainstream media doesn't take bloggers seriously. A person offering to sell himself or herself to comment on other blogs for you. I've posted the entire description of the "sale item" here for you to see. All bolding is mine.
Because pundits and journalists have been raking in the dough recently by simply taking tax-payer money to endorse certain political agendas, I, a private citizen, am now offering my services for a fee to write and post comments on political blogs. I will write clear, on point comments no matter the agenda, no matter the Blog. Conservative, Liberal, Moderate, Commie-Pinko or Raging Right Wingnut. My ethics and words are completely for sale. AND, I will not disclose that I'm accepting money from you to support your point of view. I am also offering this service to any department of the government. HHS, SOS, DOD or even the EPA. If you have extra money to spend to further the administration's agenda, what better way than to hire a private citizen to be your voice in the blogosphere. For $10 a post ($40 for 5 posts) I will sign on to any blog and post your message, no matter how unpopular, inane or controversial. I will, however, never use profanity or personally attack any other blogger (except for and extra $50). So, if you're ethically challenged and have no problem paying to have your outlandish ideas endorsed on the web and not disclose who you are, I'm your hire.
Thank God only one person has deigned to bid on this idiocy. The seller should be banned from blogging or commenting at all. But we won't do that, because we have freedom of speech in this country. Except when you pay for it.

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