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Monday, November 01, 2004

They actually did a story on the ten o'clock news about our county here in Missouri. That's not a regular occurrence, because we are a small county and nothing much happens here. But we also stand out in our state, because we are one of only two counties who still use paper ballots. And we're proud of it. They are easy to count, easy to fill out. You don't have to worry about machines breaking down. My polling place is in the church 1/4 mile down the road from my house. I go down there, and all the ladies working there know who I am, and where I live. They know my children, and my grandchildren who live here. It's a very pleasant experience. There are two booths for people who don't want witnesses, but nobody uses them. We just sit at the tables and fill out the forms. It probably takes two hours tops to count all the votes in our county. I do love living here. Oh yeah, the best part, this county is heavily Republican. There is only one Democrat in office here, the Prosecuting Attorney, and that's because there wasn't a Republican candidate.

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