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Monday, November 01, 2004

Talk about stepping over the line! DNC Deputy Chairman Ben Johnson was being interviewed on WWRL Radio in New York, and decided to get very personal in his attack on the first family:
Johnson was debating whether moral issues like gay marriage and abortion were behind the recent trend among African-American voters toward Bush.

Suddenly Johnson got personal, telling co-hosts Steve Malzberg and Karen Hunter:
"Let me say this. No one has a monopoly on morality in this country. If you want to talk about morality, I mean, look at George Bush's daughters. If he was such a heck of a father, why couldn't he keep those girls straight? They were out there ..."

At that point Malzberg interrupted to tell Johnson his attack was out of line. But rather than withdraw the comments, the DNC honcho insisted, "It's a fact, it's a fact."
Yeah, you guessed it. This moron worked for the Clinton Administration for eight years. Apparently he forgot to get decontaminated.

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