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Sunday, October 17, 2004

A USA Today/CNN/Gallup poll taken over the last few days shows President Bush ahead 52-44% over John Kerry. This must have Kerry worried, because Sunday he tried using the possible privatization of Social Security as a scare tactic, saying it would devastate the middle class. In Florida, the Democrats, following their "manual" from the DNC, plan to pick up ballots and deliver them to the polling places, even though state law says you can only do that for relatives, and only two per election. In Milwaukee, where there are 424,000 eligible voters, they have over 938,000 ballots ready to use. And then there are the lawyers. 10,000 at least are ready for election day to sound the alarm if there's a hint of scandal. 600 from New York going to Florida, another 400 from New York going to Ohio and Pennsylvania. 10,000 Democratic lawyers in all going to 15 states. November 2 is going to be a nightmare if any little thing goes wrong at all. No matter how the election turns out, there will be challenges all over the country. We don't need this. We will lose all credibility on the "global theater". We will be a laughingstock, ready to be invaded by every little splinter group with a grudge. We should be standing together.

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