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Sunday, October 24, 2004

Tragedy hit the NASCAR family today, but it wasn't during a race. A small plane carrying ten people crashed outside Martinsville en route to the raceway. The plane, owned by Rick Hendrick, carried four members of his family, and other members of the racing team. NASCAR and Mr. Hendrick were notified during the race, but the drivers of his cars were not told until after the race was over.
Citing a list given to him by state police, Harry Litten, manager of Moody Funeral Service in Stuart, said the people aboard the plane were:

Ricky Hendrick, Rick Hendrick's son and a retired NASCAR driver; John Hendrick, Rick Hendrick's brother and president of the organization; Kimberly and Jennifer Hendrick, John Hendrick's twin daughters; Joe Jackson; Jeff Turner; Randy Dorton, the team's chief engine builder; Scott Latham, a pilot for NASCAR driver Tony Stewart; and pilots Dick Tracy and Liz Morrison.
Our prayers and condolences go out to this family. It's hard to lose one member of your family, but four seems unimaginable.

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