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Friday, October 22, 2004

This could be called Smearing your Opponent, Part ??? Democrat Samara Barend is running for Congress from New York. Her opponent is state senator John "Randy" Kuhl. Mr. Kuhl was granted a divorce in 2000, and Ms. Barend's campaign workers wanted to get the juicy details, so they sent a college student to the clerk's office to get the "publicly available information" on the divorce. Somehow, the part of the divorce that was sealed by the court was inadvertently included in the packet.

Naturally the right thing to do would be to turn that part of the file over to its rightful owner. Too bad the campaign workers didn't think about doing what was right. They saw the fact that at one time Mr. Kuhl pointed a gun at his wife and couldn't pass it up. It was released to the press.

Barend and her campaign manager Jonah Siegellak claim there was no connection between the released information and the campaign. I'll believe that when I can ice skate in Hades. I suppose it's also only a coincidence that Barend is a former aide to Hillary Clinton. Sounds to me like she learned her lessons well.

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