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Thursday, October 14, 2004

In Ohio, a judge has decreed that you can go to any polling place and vote, as long as you're in the right county. This is outrageous! Ohio state law plainly states that would be illegal, but the judge declared they could complete a "provisional" ballot.
Citizens who don't want the election to be stolen will supposedly be allowed to challenge all the bogus provisional ballots later, after the Democrats have carried out their threat to unleash their mobs of lawyers.
Is it really that big a deal to send the voter to the right precinct? Are they too stupid to know where to vote? When I lived in Kansas City, we got a card in the mail telling us where to vote. If postcards are too expensive for Ohio, they could list the polling places in the paper or on the local news. Allowances for provisional ballots, which are only going to cause more mayhem, should not be given. We have got to stop letting people get away with being ignorant. Make them take responsibility for getting to the right address.

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