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Monday, October 25, 2004

Ashlee Simpson totally humiliated herself on Saturday Night Live last night, when she attempted to get away with lip sync'ing a song. The first number she did she got the words mixed up, then the second time she was supposed to sing, they played the wrong tape. Her voice was heard but she wasn't moving her lips. Instead of claiming to be a ventriloquist, she huffed off the stage.

This was one more incident in the world of music, after Thursday night's snafu with Al Green. He was scheduled to perform at the Apollo. He came out on stage in a beautiful white tuxedo, at which point the audience learned he was going "commando". One of the stage performers told him his fly was open, and he closed it immediately, right before singing "Let's Stay Together".

Ah, the wonderful world of music.

Then she blamed the band. I'm sure they'll be glad to work with her again. What a loser!
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